November 20, 2020

Role of FTL Software Helping in Transportation Management

Nowadays, technology is everything. All of us depend upon technology because it works so quickly and helps in building more cash. The same goes for the freight management software as this takes on the vital function in helping in truck transportation management. You can assist your customers in a superior approach by using this software. Also, the possibilities to cultivate your own business boosts strongly. Before the coming of the particular software, all the freight agents were really like a …

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Is Transportation Management System Beneficial For Your Trucking Business?

A good Transportation Management System for the transport and logistics company is a must have a tool. The software aims to assist the trucking company to efficiently manage its logistics supply chain. Transportation Management System helps in monitoring and managing the fleet movement. A quality transportation system also helps the businesses in handling shipping units, inbound and outbound the shipment schedule, selection of transport modes, auditing freight bills, final payment and processing of damage, loss and claims etc.. Some of …

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What Essential Things IFTA Mileage Calculator Should Have?

Nowadays, trucking companies are integrating high-end software and tools to make their business more productive and efficient. There is a wide range of trucking software available in the market. But IFTA software is one of the most popular and favorite in the freight industry. IFTA is an agreement between the United States of America and the Canadian Provinces. As per the IFTA rules laid, every licensee has to file the tax returns that are operating in the member state. Best …

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